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Banner Advertising is the Choice

Ad Revenue Growing Again Strong ad revenue growth is powering up a new emphasis on banner advertising for publishers for 2019. Although other revenue sources exist, banner and video ads are performing better as I’ll explain. Web publishers who generated high volume general interest traffic to their websites suffered in the past because ad delivery networks […]

Google Adsense Algorithm Determines Payout

Does the Google Adsense Algorithm Exist? Google has many, many algorithms.  They are mind-bogglingly complex, however to maximize revenue, we need to understand them, especially Google’s Adsense algorithm. Let’s avoid the complexity and stay focused because the cash payoff will be substantial for your publication. Everything Google does is dictated by algorithms, and more recently […]

How Good is Your Content and SEO?

SEO Powers Your Passive Revenue Results Whether you’re a popular blogger, viral social media influencer, or big publisher, SEO is like the heart of your website circulation system. SEO is key to a high performance passive income strategy. However, you don’t do SEO alone or as an afterthought. That won’t be good enough. You do […]