Expert Ad Optimization

Optimize Your Visitors Ad Experience

You don’t have control over the ads that show on your site. If Google or other ad networks show low quality ads, your revenue suffers.

Fortunately, you can shape which type of ads get shown, where they get displayed, and the content that’s near those ads. You can create clickpaths in your content which Google will interpret as a keyword/topical user experience, thereby raising the cpc rate they will pay you.

You control your keyword usage, content topics, and your visitors content experience. You determine your passive income outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

You have the option of using content testing, artificial intelligence optimization, analytics, and content testing to determine which ad sizes and placements are best to grow your revenue. Optimize the complete user experience and Google will consider your site an A+ rated site. This is how you get the best high paying ads and attract better advertisers.

Also, we’ll help you avoid the keyword content advertisers don’t like, poor loading webpages, and keyword usage that lowers your cpc rates.

If you leave your ad presentation to advertisers, you may be very disappointed in the result. Work with Ad Revenue Science to take control.