Banner Advertising is the Choice

Banner Advertising is the Choice

Ad Revenue Growing Again

Strong ad revenue growth is powering up a new emphasis on banner advertising for publishers for 2019. Although other revenue sources exist, banner and video ads are performing better as I’ll explain.

Web publishers who generated high volume general interest traffic to their websites suffered in the past because ad delivery networks couldn’t customize ads for their visitors. Visitors felt they were being spammed and had their time wasted by tricky, scammy ads.

And Advertisers wouldn’t pay high ad CPCs because of this poor targeting.  Now in 2019, ads are better because Google, Amazon, and Facebook are using artificial intelligence to custom match ads to each visitor. You can maximize revenue for each person who visits your site.

High Quality Content that Supports the Goal of a Banner Click

Of course, it’s your content which determines whether visitors stay and engage with your ad spots.  Yet, the goal of your site is to generate clicks. That can only happen if your ads appeal to your visitors and represent a conclusion of their journey.

The problem before, was that ads weren’t targeted, and they were tricky and disingenuous.  Users were blocking them.

Since then, advertisers have adopted new business models, and started leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to anticipate users needs and interests and then present tailored ad experiences for visitors.  The ad content and the formats have improved dramatically for more interactive engagement and video entertainment, and non-intrusively. The use of ad blockers is diminishing now.

The latest improvement in insight from data is being called “conversational intelligence.”

Header Bidding Pushing Up Prices to their Actual Value

Previously, publishers weren’t getting full value for their ad spots. Now, new programmatic advertising services are creating better auctions and higher bids for your ad spots too. Header bidding is one such channel that forces advertisers to bid in real time against each other for good ad spots on your site.

What is Header Bidding and Why it’s the Key Trend for 2019 too. Screen capture courtesy of Martech

This intense auctioning of ad spots puts big upward pressure on CPC prices. It also helps you receive the full value of your advertising spots and minimize losses to unscrupulous ad platforms and intermediaries.

So don’t just jump on revenue alternatives just yet. Online advertising is improving for publishers who optimize how they manage their revenue generation system.

For Only 5% of Publishers: A Paywall Might Work

You’ve probably arrived at various news site such as the LA Times where they stop you to force you to subscribe. This is where most leave. And this lost traffic is substantial. A better strategy is to optimize a relevant content path and ensure the ads are relevant too. LA Times has the advantage of being able to use interstitial ads, and in line ads for sponsors. This makes paywalls a poor choice.

Paywalls Are Barriers to Revenue

If you’re a publisher trying to establish a paywall to force readers to subscribe to a paid service, you’re going to be disappointed. Subscriptions and email sales won’t work unless you have a product or service that is so rare, so precious, they have to buy it from you. Chances are, your offering is the same as your competitors and might even have a higher price. LA Times doesn’t offer that kind of unique content.

If you’re a highly rated speaker, marketer, blogger, celebrity, or consultant, you can definitely could generate more revenue through sales of your specialty. For others however, ads are the way to go. What do you see on Amazon, Google search results, and most information sites? Display advertising.

Ad revenue is what you should focus on. Focus on your core strengths now, and you might expand into paid content channels next.

Booming Ad Marketplace

25% more spending will go to banner advertising and 10% more for search advertising on mobile devices by 2020. B2C ad spending is showing the best growth. Desktop ads will continue growing, but at a slower rate, as these charts reveal.

For any top flight news site or blogger, clickable desktop and mobile advertising is the route to revenue success. If you can master the ad revenue generation game, you can make a lot of money. It’s no disgrace that you or your team can’t deliver wished for results. A successful passive income strategy has to overcome many challenges and specific requirements to flourish.

There May be 15 Reasons You’re Failing

If you’re not earning a lot of ad revenue, then you’re not doing things right. Your issue likely stems from these 15 factors:

1. not enough traffic to your site
2. slow, poor performing website
3. wrong hosting service
4. low quality content
5. low content engagement
6. content on wrong topics – unqualified traffic
7. content not optimized well for SEO
8. no content strategy and not matched to available advertising
9. poor ad placements on your pages
10. low trustrank, pagerank, and confused themes for Google
11. bad words on your site
12. poor use of social media to grow your reach
13. poor use of social media to build your brand
14. poor use of social media to get content shared/distributed
15. lack of analytics data and testing of content to see what works

Reach Your 2019 Revenue Goals

To maximize your 2019 revenue, you need better content on the right topics, an improved reach, better keyword focus, and advertising from multiple ad networks.

If you have low CPC rates, it’s because advertisers don’t consider your site relevant and high quality. Something is wrong and if fix it, your CPC rates may rise substantially.

Now you know where your problem is. There’s so much to optimize! What’s your next step?

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