Content Development for Maximum Ad Revenue

Content Development

Content is King, and Distribution is Queen. Developing fantastic content that ranks high, captivates readers, gets shared socially, and initiates visitor clicks is complex.

Gord Collins has managed SEO strategy for 100+ companies and his book on SEO + Content Strategy is a must have reference for anyone looking to build a powerhouse website. Build your content with purpose.  Compose it strategically and creatively so it’s a strong foundation for visitor engagement.

Make a splash, captivate readers, and keep them on your site so they have time to click on an advertisement, and bookmark or share your url.

Content strategy is all about researching and developing meaningful content on the right topics, in alignment with SEO and social media needs.

The secret is in how we’ll create relevant value for your visitors and an experience that gets them clicking.

Masterful content strategy is key to your sustained passive income plan.  Let’s get started.