Raising Google Rankings

High Google Rankings

It’s all about attracting more traffic, and most website referrals originate from Google search. That makes it central to your passive income strategy. Any successful online business must solve the rankings puzzle or operate at the outer margins of the Internet.

Ranking is an art and science. Fortunately, Gord Collins is a 20 year full time search engine optimizer and author of 2 books on the topic of SEO. Gord is a master at ranking high and wide. That translates to major traffic.

Leveraging the skills and experience of an SEO with Google Adsense expertise is very wise. It’s a rare combination of skills (content strategy, SEO, Adsense optimization) yet competition for visitors is intense.

Search Engine Optimization is a serious matter your ranking strategy has to be real and sustainable. We’ll help you gain this presence via:

  1. expert keyword strategy
  2. expert content development
  3. expert social sharing

Content Strategy and SEO combine to feed and support social media success. Orchestrating the 3, we’ll build a flow of engaged, high volume flow of visitors who suddenly see those ads on your pages as relevant and clickworthy.
Visitors don’t click until you create and direct their mission.

Let’s get started in building your passive income strategy.