How Good is Your Content and SEO?

How Good is Your Content and SEO?

SEO Powers Your Passive Revenue Results

Whether you’re a popular blogger, viral social media influencer, or big publisher, SEO is like the heart of your website circulation system. SEO is key to a high performance passive income strategy.

However, you don’t do SEO alone or as an afterthought. That won’t be good enough.

You do it right from the start, and it will push the lifeblood of your passive income plan forever.  People will always be searching for info, solutions, and satisfaction.

Rankings and Content Type affect your total shares

With social media platforms limiting the reach of your social posts, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the only affordable way you have to bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Those visitors from search engines then get distributed to Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter. Facebook shares are vital to capturing traffic, building connections, and spreading your brand. And so are the links you get from blogs and social media pages.

Forget the idea you can succeed in piecemeal fashion with short term SEO gimmics. SEO and social media work together to build better overall, and sustainable results.

You must create value via your content, do SEO professionally, to acheive maximum social media shares.


When your content is on the exact topics and news events people care about, you gain their attention. And when you add value to that content to enhance their experience and knowledge, you become important to them. That creates visitor loyalty (brand loyalty) and encourages more ongoing social sharing.

The Ultimate Guide to Combining SEO and Content Strategy

Combining your SEO and Content Strategy helps you reach the right audience and engage them at a deeper level. This ensures they’ll enjoy sharing your content. And they’ll be doing it in a natural way that Google respects within their search engine indexing algorithm.

SEO isn’t an isolated promotional tactic. It’s the core of a more powerful approach to multi-channel promotion and visitor engagement. Weave your content strategy together with SEO strategy, and you’ll have content that ranks higher, is much more relevant to visitors, and makes them want to share it on Facebook.

SEO and Content isn’t about simple, obvious keywords. The topics speak to Google as a more thorough and trustworthy resource. Google watches visitor engagement as a cue to user satisfaction. By optimizing your content for user satisfaction (relevance, value, comfort, impact), you make it easy for Google to respect your content as well as the social media signals it assesses.

Weave it All Together

Yes, when you plan SEO and Content Strategy from the beginning, you’re ensuring better overall performance and giving your social media strategy a fighting chance.

We all know how competitive the online market is.  Make sure all your paid and earned channels get the help they need, and you’ll be recirculating more of that hard earned traffic. Each element supports the others as a whole and directly.

If you want maximum ad revenue and to build a sustainable passive income plan, your SEO and Content Strategy will support it.

Buy the SEO and Content Strategy Guide now and learn all you need to build a powerful revenue generator.


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